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In a time, where you are smiled at if you can not provide an email-adress in a personal enviroment, a successful business without a business website is practically unimaginable.

Good webdesign

A website must be more than just “pretty to look at”. Next to an appealing layout, the content is most important for a successful web presence. And these habe to be presented in a target audience orientated and internet suitable fashion.

Why employ a webdesigner?

Die Gestaltung und technische Umsetzung einer Website sind nur ein kleiner Teil der Arbeit eines Webdesigners. Seine Aufgaben beginnen bereits bei der Planung eines Internet-Auftritts. Welche Inhalte und welche Form der Präsentation ist für den Kunden die richtige? Selbst eine Seite, die mit einem “Homepage Baukasten” ertellt wurde, wird mehr Erfolg haben, wenn sie vom einem professionellen Webdesigner erstellt wurde, denn der Baukasten ist nichts anderes als ein sehr einfaches CMS.

The layout and the implementation of the website are only the tiniest part of a webdesigners work. The work of a webdesigner starts right from the planning stage. Which content and what form of presentation is best for the customer? Even a website build with a “website construction kit” will have more success, if it is created by a professional webdesigner, because that kit really is nothing but a very simple CMS.

Searchengine optimisation

What good is the best and most stunning website, if noone is able to find it? Apart from the offline-marketing that should always refer to the website and is ideally designed alike (corporate design), the searchengine optimisation (SEO) is most important for the success of a website.

web-N-design as a webdesign agency can along with the necessary know-how offer individual advice and help in planning and implementing your presence on the web.